In Episode 5 of the Retro Gaming Game show our contestants Jerry and Marvin get into a good ol’ throw-down of epic classic gaming battling. Join us and our audience for a fun filled show!

March 3, 2016 Uncategorized

Episode 4 is here and it’s a real blast. Watch Tom and Leo as they destroy each other in a competitive round of exciting retro trivia. We drink some beer, play some game and crown a winner! Watch below…


January 16, 2016 Uncategorized

Watch as we almost blow ourselves up when we create this awesome highly explosive DIY confetti Cannon.


December 17, 2015 Uncategorized

In episode 3 Mike and John battle it out in a trivia match then challenge each other to a duel to the death in Mario Bros. arcade and Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the SNES. Who will win. You wont know until you watch this eyes peeled episode!


December 12, 2015 Uncategorized

In episode two of the Retro Gaming Game Show Mike and Mark battle it out in a classic gaming quiz and then take to the games to compete each other in our Moon Patrol arcade cabinet and finish out with a Tetris battle on the NES. We also get a little drunk on an excellent brew from 18th Street Brewery.


November 18, 2015 Uncategorized

Welcome to episode one of the Retro Gaming Game Show. In this episode Jeremy and John go head to head in a retro gaming quiz and then battle head to head in a time trial on the Nintendo Redtent Excitebike and also challenge each other in a  thrilling Super Mario Kart battle mode round.


November 18, 2015 Uncategorized